Real Estate Photos and Videos

We specialize in aerial drone footage to help market real estate and properties. From an aerial view, your clients can get a true ‘birds-eye’ view of the property truly showing off the beauty of the area.

Land Surveying / 3D Mapping

3D mapping is an up and coming industry that allows developers to view contours and elevations of prospective projects. It also allows a view of where the natural or man made drainage will be in a parcel of land.

NorTex Drone can do it all!

Nor-Tex Drone is a 100% Veteran owned company, and was founded on the belief that what’s worth doing, is worth doing right, and more important safely! Today’s homes are bigger and have steeper roofs. Why risk sending a person up to inspect a roofline when a drone does it quicker, and safer! With 4K video and high resolution photography available, no problems get past the eye of the drone!

When working with home inspectors, realtors, and roofing contractors, people are amazed at the ease of which our inspections can be accomplished, as well as the quality of the results.

The possibilities are endless…

No matter what your aerial drone needs are, Nor-Tex can help. Contact us to discuss your options and how we can help you!!!

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